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-Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii
  There is NO POSTAL HOME DELIVERY in Kekaha. Please use the following for U.S. Postal:

P.O. Box 657
Kekaha, Hawaii 96752-0657

Home phone: 808. 337-2524
Cell phone: 808. 652-2373

web domain:

-2004 - 2005

JANUARY: Molo St. house put up for sale.

FEBRUARY: Colorado ski & snowboarding trip. Steamboat Springs & Summit county.

MAY: Molo St. house SOLD. Rent back agreement with new owner for 6 months.

JUNE - SEPTEMBER: Packing, downsizing, and cleaning Molo St. house after 13+ year residence.

OCTOBER - DECEMBER: Enjoyed living on wonderful rental property, Kipapa Road in rural Wailua, while searching for Perfect West Kauai Beach Home to purchase.

*Note that with the exception of 4 week ski vacation, I was flying and commuting from Kauai to Honolulu for UAL.


JANUARY: Closed escrow on Kekaha home, Dec.2004. Moved to West Kauai, Hale Kekaha Luana, January 19. (Filled a 10 ft. moving truck. Took 3 hefty Samoan movers over 11 hours to pack, load & unload all of my wordly goods, on each of TWO moves! And this was AFTER a MAJOR DOWNSIZING!)

FEBRUARY: 17 days snowboarding and skiing at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

MARCH - MAY: Furnishing, improving, & settling into new home.
Commute to Honolulu from Kekaha becomes increasingly challenging. Working conditions at UAL become intolerable! Announce my "intent to retire" on May 15th. Work my last trip, HNL/LAX/HNL, May 27 - 28.
(Rode in the cockpit for landing in Honolulu on my last flight. SPECTACULAR!)

JUNE: Effective retirement date: June 1, 2005!
I'm finally OFF the BROOMSTICK!

JUNE - JULY: Begin transition to become Astronomy Resource Educator. Sub teach and make contacts at NASA Explorer School (Chiefess Kamakahelei Middle School), Koke'e Discovery Center, & elsewhere where astronomy/science educators are needed. Enroll in graduate course at U.H. Hilo: "Teaching the Mysteries of the Evening Skies." Direct involvement with NASA, U.H. Astronomy Education Center, Mauna Kea Observatories, etc., in Deep Impact Mission: Impact with Comet Temple 1, 83-million miles from earth!

AUGUST - OCTOBER: Continue transition process. Update office, files, computer systems to support new career. Program development: create presentations to teach astronomy & related science topics. Teach & assist at Starwatch programs. Astronomy knowledge quest: My passion! Develop AstroEvents site. Further home & yard improvement projects.

NOVEMBER: Dad's 80th birthday party and family reunion in Oceanside, California.