Title: The Hawaiian Sky Tonight: A Starwatch Program
Location: Waimea High School & Kaumakani Ball Field
Date / Time: Feb 28, 2009: 3:00PM - 9:00PM
Comments: Kauai Community School for Adults is offering this one night course, taught by astronomy educator Rozlyn Reiner, an opportunity to learn about & visually explore our magnificent Hawaiian skies. There will first be an exciting multimedia presentation, at Waimea High School, from 3:00 - 5:45 PM. Discover the life cycle of stars & our Sun's place in the Milky Way Galaxy. Learn to recognize the constellations as they appear in the sky. Learn to use a sky map to locate & identify stars, constellations, planets, & other celestial objects. The class will then drive to Kaumakani (10 minutes) to participate in the KEASA public starwatch (weather permitting). Enjoy a guided sky tour led by astronomy educators using sky maps, laser pointers & helpful visual aids, as well as telescopes & binoculars. Hear legends about the stars & explanations of special "events" of the solar system. Fee for the course is $18.00 plus $3 lab fee. Class size is limited & ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED, by calling KCSA at (808) 274-3390. For further info, please call (808)652-2373, or email: roz@rozhome.com

Maintained by Roz Reiner - Kauai, Hawaii


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