Title: Mercury Transits the Sun
Location: Hawaiian Island Viewing
Date / Time: Nov 08, 2006 - 9:12am
Comments: On Wednesday, Nov.8, Mercury will transit, or appear to pass across the face of the Sun, over a period of nearly 5 hours, & Hawaii will have an ideal view for the entire transit. The event will begin at 9:12 AM and end at 2:10 PM HST. You'll need to USE APPROVED SOLAR FILTERS, as sunlight, especially focused through a telescope or binoculars, can BLIND you! AstroDay will be presenting a video feed webcast, from the summits of Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, & Haleakala. Visit: www.astroday.net (astroday.net) This event is fairly rare, on average only 13 or 14 times a century. The last Mercury transit, in 2003, could not be seen from Hawaii, & the next one in 2016, will only be visible during the last few minutes before sunset. For further details visit the November Skywatch page at www.bishopmuseum.org/planetarium (bishopmuseum.org).

Maintained by Roz Reiner - Kauai, Hawaii


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