Location: Viewable from: Hawaiian Islands, Western North America, Austrailia, Asia
Date / Time: Dec 10, 2011; Totality begins 04:06 HST
Comments: There will be a total lunar eclipse, EARLY on Saturday morning, Dec. 10th, when the Full Moon passes deep into Earth's shadow. The entire eclipse sequence will be viewable from western North America & across the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii, Australia & Asia. As seen from the Hawaiian Islands, the Moon will be in TOTAL ECLIPSE for 45 minutes starting at 04:06AM HST (06:06AM PST). Note that you can view the eclipse, without a scope or binocs, from anywhere in the islands where you are able to see the Moon. (During the period of Totality, the Moon will be approx. 30 degrees above the western horizon). My suggestion for novice eclipse watchers is to go outside by around 3:45AM (early on SATURDAY morning). At this time, most of the Moon will be eclipsed in Earth?s shadow. If find yourself under cloud cover, then I suggest you move/drive to another location where the Moon is NOT obscured, and watch as the Moon becomes completely eclipsed in Earth?s shadow & turns RED. (TOTALITY begins at: 4:06AM. You'll have approx. 45 minutes to catch a glimpse of the eclipsed red Moon). For more details, including eclipse viewing times, visit Bishop Museum Planetarium & select the Dec. Sky Column page. www.bishopmuseum.org/planetarium (bishopmuseum.org). Also feel free to send me your email address & I will forward sky maps & other eclipse viewing data. roz@rozhome.com

Maintained by Roz Reiner - Kauai, Hawaii


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